Blog Post: Update #9


Wow! Time sure flies by. Hey guys! So today, I have new information about this twenty-time Passion Project. Okay, so just a quick overview of what I am doing, I will be baking food and packing them into cute little goody bags so that I can pass them out to the homeless with Jenn. So, in order to do this, we must buy goody bags. As a result, I have decided that Hobby Lobby was probably one of my best choices to go shop at for cute craft stuffs, such as goody bags. It does not really matter what the goody bags look like, but by looking at the website, the goody bags are pretty plain, but they are cute. I have not really estimated exactly how many goody bags we will be needing, but I have guessed to have at least thirty packed. Hopefully, we will pack a lot!


Blog Post: Update #8


Guess who is back again! It is me, Megan! Today is Wednesday, February 25. I have provided yet another picture of food that I was thinking of baking with Jenn. According to the a couple of different food recipe websites, baking chocolate pretzels is not that hard. However, it takes about twenty-four hours and twenty-four minutes to bake this. Tough it may seems hard, I do not think it is because majority of the twenty-four hours and twenty-four minutes baking time consists of waiting for the chocolate to dry on the pretzels-in other words, ‘stand by’. I am not entirely sure if we will add sprinkles or any decoration on the pretzels, but I feel like we should because it adds more ‘spunk’ and happiness. Also, I feel like there is really no limit of how pretzels we have to make, so the more, the better. I honestly feel like this will be a great contribution to the goody bags!

Blog Post Update #7


Hi guys I am back yet again! Yet another week has passed by and I have some good news regarding my twenty time project. Jenn and I have decided to bake homemade rice krispie treats to put in our goody bags. It should not be too hard to bake these, because the ingredients needed for this project are simple and easy to find in grocery stores. It will probably be a great addition to the other food we will be baking because homemade rice krispies are really good. I am thinking of putting three small krispies in each of the goodies because it will be pretty small. Since bake time is thirty minutes, it should not take a long time to bake these krispy treats. By looking at the instructions, I feel like these krispy treats will be pretty easy to bake for us beginners. Well, I will see you guys next time!

Blog Post: Update #6


Hey everyone! Here is update number 6 on my twenty-time project! Time sure is flying by! I guess it is safe to say that I have been working on this project with Jenn for about 6 weeks or so. However, we have not been working a lot on this or have made any significant progress. But, we have figured out that we would want to bake cookies as part of this project. I have realized that I am really happy to be working on this project with Jenn. I think that this would be a great experience since I do not really bake at all in my spare time for fun. I think that I will find more tips in baking. I am really excited to actually bake the food and pack the goodies. I really do hope that the next time I make an update on my project, I will actually have some progress in my project!

Blog Post: Update #5


Guess who is back?! It is me and I have more news about my twenty-time project with Jenn! We have not really accomplished any significant in this project because we both have been busy with sports and school. However, like the picture displayed in this blog, we will be planning our project soon. We will try to where to buy our supplies, where we will be baking the food, and most importantly, where we will be going to distribute the goodies out to the homeless. This whole thing will probably be taking a longer time than we think because there are not that many places to pass out the goodies. I think that the most important decision to make other than the location of passing out the goodies is the time and when. Jenn and I are very busy with school and especially sports, and so they take a huge affect in our spare time.

Blog Post #4: Update


Hey y’all I am back! Today is Wednesday, January 28, 2015 and I had to recite my Elevator Pitch Speech in class. I had to discuss about what I am doing, how it affects me, and how it affects others. It had to be 30 seconds to 90 seconds, but I believe I had presented for about 33 seconds. Recently, I have tried to come up with cute little quotes or sayings to attach to the goody bags. For example, you can see in the photo attached, “H.O.P.E. Hold on, Pain ends”. I believe that this is pretty short but meaningful. Sure, some of the homeless people have heard of these kind of sayings, but it does not hurt to attach them to the goody bags so that we can make their day but just a simple quote. Jenn and I will try our best to make sure to not have the same quotes for the goody bags, and try to have as many different kind of quotes or sayings.

Blog #3: Update

how-to-make-cake-pops-video  Image from:

This week we have to prepare an elevator pitch that provides information about our project and why it is important to us. I was planning to talk for about 30 seconds to about 45 seconds. I feel like this project is important to me because I feel like this project will impact me in a different way. In other words, I feel like I will get to see what the lives of the homeless are like. Also, I will be able to experience different emotions when I will be distributing goodies to the needy. We have some recipe ideas to put in the goodies. For example, we are thinking of baking cake pops, cookies, and chocolate pretzels. We are not sure if we will be only putting food that we bake into the goodies, but we know for a fact that we will be baking as much food as we can that can fit in the goody bags.