Blog Post: Update #16


Hey guys, I would like to now say that this Blog Post: Update #16 is the last one for this whole entire Passion 20-time project. However, Jenn and I have not progressed at all in this project. The good thing about this project is that we can fail at this, because we will be graded on the progress, what we did, and what we have experienced. At the end of this project, we are expected to do a TED talk, individually. I am pretty nervous since we did not make any progress in this project. Obviously, the only reason is because of sports and of our schedules. My presentation is on May 12, and Jenn is later, so I really hope that we can maybe do our project by next week. I will be done with volleyball this week so we can possibly do this project next week on a weekday if Jenn does not have volleyball. Well, it was nice blogging and keeping you guys updated! Bye!


Blog Post: Update #15


Hi guys! I have come yet again with a few more news. I have less than one month to complete this project with Jenn. We have not yet completed this project and I hope that we do soon. Jenn was thinking of doing it this Friday the 17th, but I will be gone from the 16th to the 19th for a volleyball tournament in Southern California. So, we decided to do it on a weekday, preferably Friday. Anyways, I decided to add yet another inspirational quote because I feel like it is not only pushing these homeless people to live on, but also impacting me in a way. I hope to experience what it is like to give out to many needy people in one day. I really hope we do this project soon because I want to not only experience my cooking skills but also to witness the living styles of the homeless people.

Blog Post: Update #14

28246-Quotes+about+strength+11 (1)

Hey y’all! I have good news and bad news. Bad news- Jenn and I did not do the project over this past Easter Break because she was busy with basketball and other stuff while I just had volleyball on Saturday. Good News-I have only three weeks of volleyball left so I can focus on this project soon! I hope to complete this project because this project does seem like it is fun to do, especially with a friend. I am praying Jenn will not have basketball or any other plans the next time we have an opportunity to do this project. Okay, so I feel like this picture truly is significant, in terms of the homeless peoples’ lives. Though it may seem like they have horrible lives, it is just yet another bad day. I hope that with these quotes that Jenn and I print out will help them realize that they can do this and actually start doing something that will impact their lives.

Blog Post: Update #13


Hey I am back with not-so exciting news. This project has been going on for a long time and as you can tell, Jenn and I have barely made significant progress. We are really trying our best since we are busy with sports. Going off from that, Jenn is busy with basketball for basically the whole break. However, we may have time to complete it on Tuesday, April 7. I just added this picture to show how Jenn and I really love helping those in need, especially those without a home. We do not know if there will be any nearby charity or place to hand these homemade goodies out. For me, I rarely see homeless people, and when I do I see them near the entrance or exit of the highway. I feel like it would be harder to hand them out to the stranded homeless (a.k.a. near the highway) because there is only like three or four instead of a huge group. Well, I will see you next time!

Blog Post: Update #12


I am back yet again! I am here with a few more news that are not as exciting as last week’s. So, since Jenn and I were planning to do this twenty-time project over Easter break, which is from April 2-April 6 I believe, we have not yet decided where to go pass these goodies out. Most likely, all of the places that are fit for this project are about 45 minutes to one hour away so I do not think that we will be going to these shelters. Instead, we will probably go hand the goodies out to our neighbors, or even go to a local parish and hand these out just for fun. I feel like this quote is very simple, yet inspiring. By living each day in poverty and despair, I am pretty sure they don’t look forward to tomorrow. So, I believe these quotes have a small impact. Hope to see y’all next week!

Blog Post: Update #11


Hey guys! It is almost the end of March and it is almost my birthday! Our Easter break is that week so Jenn and I will be doing our twenty-time project then. It is four days long, so we have more than enough time to bake and hand out the goodies to the homeless. This quote may seem cheesy, but I feel like with the current situation and problems the homeless people face, they would feel like giving up. However, with quotes like these, I feel like it would at least spark a tiny flicker of hope in them. I honestly can not wait till we bake and hand the goodies out because it will truly feel like a whole different experience. Sure, I have handed out money to the needy before on my road to California, but I have never physically handed out goodies, stay with them, and then talk with them for a while. Well, I will see you guys next time!

Blog Post: Update #10

water bottle

Hello fellow bloggers! I apologize for not posting the past week (March 11)! I was on Spring Break and also spending time with family, family friends, and friends. However, that did not stop me from thinking of any ideas for this passion project! As you can see in the image in this post, I feel like adding a water bottle will probably be a good idea too. Since it is getting hot outside, water is a huge necessity to keep us hydrated and healthy. I feel like this is a pretty good idea considering how the homeless people do not have any necessities like we do. Also, after eating our homemade goodies, the homeless will probably be thirsty after drinking all that delicious treats! So, providing them water is probably one of the best choices.  In addition, I believe that Jenn and I should start doing our project during Easter Break which should be in about two weeks or so! I hope this works! I’ll see y’all next week!