Blog Post: Update #16


Hey guys, I would like to now say that this Blog Post: Update #16 is the last one for this whole entire Passion 20-time project. However, Jenn and I have not progressed at all in this project. The good thing about this project is that we can fail at this, because we will be graded on the progress, what we did, and what we have experienced. At the end of this project, we are expected to do a TED talk, individually. I am pretty nervous since we did not make any progress in this project. Obviously, the only reason is because of sports and of our schedules. My presentation is on May 12, and Jenn is later, so I really hope that we can maybe do our project by next week. I will be done with volleyball this week so we can possibly do this project next week on a weekday if Jenn does not have volleyball. Well, it was nice blogging and keeping you guys updated! Bye!


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