Blog Post: Update #13


Hey I am back with not-so exciting news. This project has been going on for a long time and as you can tell, Jenn and I have barely made significant progress. We are really trying our best since we are busy with sports. Going off from that, Jenn is busy with basketball for basically the whole break. However, we may have time to complete it on Tuesday, April 7. I just added this picture to show how Jenn and I really love helping those in need, especially those without a home. We do not know if there will be any nearby charity or place to hand these homemade goodies out. For me, I rarely see homeless people, and when I do I see them near the entrance or exit of the highway. I feel like it would be harder to hand them out to the stranded homeless (a.k.a. near the highway) because there is only like three or four instead of a huge group. Well, I will see you next time!


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