Blog Post: Update #9


Wow! Time sure flies by. Hey guys! So today, I have new information about this twenty-time Passion Project. Okay, so just a quick overview of what I am doing, I will be baking food and packing them into cute little goody bags so that I can pass them out to the homeless with Jenn. So, in order to do this, we must buy goody bags. As a result, I have decided that Hobby Lobby was probably one of my best choices to go shop at for cute craft stuffs, such as goody bags. It does not really matter what the goody bags look like, but by looking at the website, the goody bags are pretty plain, but they are cute. I have not really estimated exactly how many goody bags we will be needing, but I have guessed to have at least thirty packed. Hopefully, we will pack a lot!


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