Blog Post: Update #12


I am back yet again! I am here with a few more news that are not as exciting as last week’s. So, since Jenn and I were planning to do this twenty-time project over Easter break, which is from April 2-April 6 I believe, we have not yet decided where to go pass these goodies out. Most likely, all of the places that are fit for this project are about 45 minutes to one hour away so I do not think that we will be going to these shelters. Instead, we will probably go hand the goodies out to our neighbors, or even go to a local parish and hand these out just for fun. I feel like this quote is very simple, yet inspiring. By living each day in poverty and despair, I am pretty sure they don’t look forward to tomorrow. So, I believe these quotes have a small impact. Hope to see y’all next week!


Blog Post: Update #11


Hey guys! It is almost the end of March and it is almost my birthday! Our Easter break is that week so Jenn and I will be doing our twenty-time project then. It is four days long, so we have more than enough time to bake and hand out the goodies to the homeless. This quote may seem cheesy, but I feel like with the current situation and problems the homeless people face, they would feel like giving up. However, with quotes like these, I feel like it would at least spark a tiny flicker of hope in them. I honestly can not wait till we bake and hand the goodies out because it will truly feel like a whole different experience. Sure, I have handed out money to the needy before on my road to California, but I have never physically handed out goodies, stay with them, and then talk with them for a while. Well, I will see you guys next time!

Blog Post: Update #10

water bottle

Hello fellow bloggers! I apologize for not posting the past week (March 11)! I was on Spring Break and also spending time with family, family friends, and friends. However, that did not stop me from thinking of any ideas for this passion project! As you can see in the image in this post, I feel like adding a water bottle will probably be a good idea too. Since it is getting hot outside, water is a huge necessity to keep us hydrated and healthy. I feel like this is a pretty good idea considering how the homeless people do not have any necessities like we do. Also, after eating our homemade goodies, the homeless will probably be thirsty after drinking all that delicious treats! So, providing them water is probably one of the best choices.  In addition, I believe that Jenn and I should start doing our project during Easter Break which should be in about two weeks or so! I hope this works! I’ll see y’all next week!

Blog Post: Update #9


Wow! Time sure flies by. Hey guys! So today, I have new information about this twenty-time Passion Project. Okay, so just a quick overview of what I am doing, I will be baking food and packing them into cute little goody bags so that I can pass them out to the homeless with Jenn. So, in order to do this, we must buy goody bags. As a result, I have decided that Hobby Lobby was probably one of my best choices to go shop at for cute craft stuffs, such as goody bags. It does not really matter what the goody bags look like, but by looking at the website, the goody bags are pretty plain, but they are cute. I have not really estimated exactly how many goody bags we will be needing, but I have guessed to have at least thirty packed. Hopefully, we will pack a lot!