Second Blog: What we Hope to achieve

goody bag    For this project, I would love to make cute little goody bags for the homeless. I would like them to be small, but yet have a small meaning. To achieve this, I will make sure to add a cute little note to each of the goody bags so that the homeless people have something to look forward to reading every day. I understand that some of them have allergies, so I will also be sure to add an ingredients list so that nothing terrifying occurs. Most likely, in these bags, my partner and I will probably add fresh baked cookies, chapstick, and some other small homebaked sweets/foods. We have not yet finalized the number of bags we want to distribute or make, but we know for fact that we want to deliver as many goody bags as we can. As part of our goal, we want to make sure that those who receive these goody bags are happy.


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